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Dandelion Plant Definition. Dandelion (noun) dandelion / ˈ dændəˌlajən/ noun. Surviving through all challenges and difficulties.

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Dandelion synonyms, dandelion pronunciation, dandelion translation, english dictionary definition of dandelion. By this definition, a dandelion is a weed if you did not intentionally plant it, is unwanted, and competes with your other plants or grass lawn. The most familiar species is t.

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The long, thick taproot typically goes. In the victorian language of flowers she represents oracles, joy and faithfulness. Photo courtesy of matthew naedel.

Dandelion Is A Common Name For Any Member Of The Taraxacum Genus.

Dandelion common dandelion taraxacum officinale n. Dandelion, weedy perennial herb of the genus taraxacum of the family asteraceae, native to eurasia but widespread throughout much of temperate north america. The common dandelion (taraxacum offinale) is an introduced plant from europe and asia that is so hardy, it grows in every state, as well as most provinces throughout canada and into mexico.

Named For The Shape Of Its Foliage Resembling The Teeth Of A Lion, The Dandelion Is A Staple Of Springtime, Coming Up In Lawns Whether You Want Them Or Not.

Flower heads are borne singly at the end of a hollow and leafless stem that grows about 4 inches from the ground. Botanists consider dandelions to be herbs. Dandelions need sunlight to grow and won’t survive in a shady area.

Surviving Through All Challenges And Difficulties.

The plants are as short as 2” but can also be as tall as 18”. The english variation and spelling of the word. This plant can be used as a substitute for.

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From Root To Flower, Dandelions Are Highly Nutritious Plants Loaded With Vitamins, Minerals, And Fiber.

The common yellow dandelion has a long list of powerful healing abilities as well as other health benefits. The warmth and power of the rising sun. Photo courtesy of matthew naedel.


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